8 May 8 pm

For me…

Being a mother = being greeted by toothless smiles, chaotic mornings and beautiful evenings.

Being a mother = being overwhelmed by a confused mix of love, anxiety, fear and concern

Being a mother = realizing that my child can be wiser than I am

Being a mother = vying for the award of the ‘best mom’ and then telling myself…’take it easy’

Being a mother = having a best friend who is watching me all the time and knows how to read my littlest expressions…

Being a mother = having a mirror that tells me the truth, however painful

Being a mother = being hyper about my child’s protection Being a mother = learning to trust life and let go


Trina Chakrabarti, Mother


This Mother’s Day, click here to support the CRY endeavour to ensure that healthy mothers give birth to healthy children  

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  1. Trina you have written so well..such beautiful intriguing facts about Mom Daughter relationship..very sweet…something to treasure :)

  2. Good…..Very Good. Keep it up. But for me – when u say all these, I remember a small cute girl, who has grown up to today’s you – a Mother. Wish you to be the best.

  3. Dinabandhu Bhattacharyya

    An extremely lovable piece of writing Trina.

  4. Trina, a beautiful and strong mum, you words speak for all of the mothers out there who deserve an opportunity and whose children deserve equal opportunities and a better life. If we enable mothers we enable children, and girls especially. All children deserve to live in peace, love and be given opportunities that enable them to thrive into better adults. All the best my friend.

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